Myths about natural hair

There is a lot of “fake news” in the air about going natural, and I’m here to give you some clarification and set the record straight.

  •  Myth: Knowing your hair pattern determines how you care for your hair.
    • Truthfully, there is some truth to this myth. The keyword is some. Sure, knowing your hair pattern is important, and it will be explained more in-depth later on in this book. Whether you have hair pattern 2,3,4, or a combination of a few, the key thing to remember is that   everybody’s hair pattern is different. However knowing your hair pattern is just part of the battle.  There are also other factors to consider when caring for your hair such as strand size, density, and porosity to start. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know what your hair pattern is. Knowing your hair pattern is one of the many steps to selecting the best products and regimens to help you on your hair journey. So, find which pattern most resembles your hair, keep that in mind, and let’s move forward! 


  • Myth: Going natural will magically make your hair grow longer, thicker, or even prevent hair loss.
    • The fact that someone said “magically” should be your first red flag. Like the previous myth, there is some truth to this statement, however, going natural is not going to automatically solve all of your hair problems. While it won’t solve allof them, there are several noticeable benefits.  Removing chemicals and relaxers will definitely improve the health of your hair. Still, you also have to consider genetics and know key factors to healthy, long, and even thick hair. Be sure to include a consistent regimen that keeps your hair moisturized and nourished. We’ll go over that more later.


  • Myth: Natural hair is easier to keep up with than permed hair.
    • While natural hair can be easier to “keep up with,” it can take more time to develop a regimen and maintain than permed hair.  I wouldn’t recommend going natural if you don’t have the time and patience to commit to maintaining your tresses.


  • Myth: You don’t have to wash kinky, curly, or natural hair.
    • This myth is absolutely false. It actually makes me chuckle just in writing it. There is no such thing as not needing to wash your hair because of your hair type. What is true is that natural hair doesn’t require a harsh cleansing method where oils are stripped from the hair. Nevertheless ALL hair should be washed regularly. Not washing hair regularly can lead to buildup on your hair and scalp, which can leave your hair feeling and looking dry and dull over time. Not to mention that it won’t smell too great.


  • Myth: Oils moisturize natural hair.
    • A common misconception that is easy to see why it’s misconstrued. What oils can do is seal and lock moisture into your hair, but oils don’t actually provide the moisture you need for your tresses. On the contrary, oils actually repel moisture, which is why it keeps the moisture in your hair. Applying oils without moisturizing first, can lead to dry, crunchy hair. Trust me, you do not want to deal with excess dryness while you’re going natural.

Now that we got a few myths and misconceptions about natural hair out of the way, stay tuned neext week for some hair basics!


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